Cross Server FTP Transfer

Hey, I just signed up with Dreamhost and now I want to transfer all the old stuff from my previous server to the new one. Its a lot of data so I’d like to know if theres a way to transfer directly between my old server and dreamhost. I heard of some FTP cross transfer program one day, but can’t quite remember.

I have full FTP and Shell access to both servers.

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You could ssh onto the Dreamhost server, and command line sFTP to the other server, or vice versa.

rsync is pretty good at mirroring, too.


You might find the wget command useful as well.


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thanks, but that didn’t quite work for me.

the old host requires a key file to log in, no password. and i dont know how to do that with sftp or scp.

then i coulnd’t figure out how to recursively download a directory with wget…

You can try FlashFXP.

Are you saying you can’t login (shell) to your old host?

There should be a bunch of ways you can do this but without shell access to your old host your options are somewhat limited.

You might be able to (logged in to DreamHost shell) ftp to your old host, turn off interactive prompts (prompt) and mget *.

I’m not sure if that will properly handle ascii/binary or recurse subdirs though.

You can tar/gzip your root directory on your old host (assume *nix) then FTP out and untar/gunzip.

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i do have shell access to my old host, its just not normal username & password type of login, but it requires my username and a key file, which i have.

i also just tried flashfxp, but it didn’t work…

Are you talking about a SSH public key authentication?

I thought that was an alternative to using a password if you didn’t feel like typing in a password every time you log in.

There is some information on DreamHost’s version of this here:

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