Have the line below in my crontab and I still am getting emails that the job ran. Any suggestions why I am getting emails eventhough I have /dev/null and the job runs correctly.

0 * * * * curl http://<>/marcron.php?code=9290221 >/dev/null

See here

Yes, those are very good instructions and the mail variable is set. Most of my other cron jobs also have >/dev/null at the end of the line and I do not get an email output from them. Just the one mentioned at the first post.

Maybe this will quiet it down:
0 * * * * curl http://<>/marcron.php?code=9290221 >/dev/null 2>&1

I’ve used it so many times I’ve forgotten the reasoning. There’s standard out and I think system message out. Now both of these will go to /dev/null.


standard error and standard out