I’m using cron alot and it’s setup using ssh. I was looking around in the panel and I saw a ‘crontab’ link (which is ‘new’ or I just completely missed that one for a year), anyway, but it’s not showing any of my previously made entries. When I manualy check my cron, it all looks good.

So I have two questions;

  1. Why aren’t the previous lines visible in the panels cronpage, and
  2. If I use the cronpage now, will it fry my previous lines?


I’m pretty sure it’s relatively new - I’ve seen a couple of new things on the control panel lately. There doesn’t seem to be anything about this feature on the wiki.

Dunno the answer to either of your two questions, but since I don’t have any cron jobs setup myself, I think I’ll do a little experimenting and report back!

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Interesting. It does not list mine either, so I am assuming it only lists those created with the panel just like the one click installs do.

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