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Hi, im looking to add a crontab to my site. Could someone tell me how i would go about doing this? I want it do do something every 5 minutes, 7 days a week.


There is a wiki article on Crontab here…

It might have enough information to get you started.


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ok, so i have this example: 10 16 * * * /home/someone/bin/

but where do i put that? what do i name the file?


You’ll have to log into your server with SSH. After that you’ll type:
crontab -e
to edit your cron file. Past in that line you have, then press
ctrl o
at the same time to save, and
ctrl x
to exit. You should get a success message about the new file being installed.

If you need help logging into your server with SSH, check out the wiki, there’s a pretty good article there.