Crontab running twice, making duplicates


I am new to dreamhost and I am transferring my site over from an old host. Anyways …

I setup my new crontab in SSH. It works OK, but it’s sending duplicate emails, which means it’s running twice each time it’s supposed to run once.

This is a PHP script that emails out digests from a phpbb forum. This cron worked just fine on the old host and only sent 1 email per run.

Here’s my crontab -e:

minute (0-59),

| hour (0-23),

| | day of the month (1-31),

| | | month of the year (1-12),

| | | | day of the week (0-6 with 0=Sunday).

| | | | | commands

30 * * * * GET >/dev/null

It looks ok to me. Any ideas why it’s running twice each time?