Crontab permission denied


One of my shell accounts has a crontab. I’m trying to edit that crontab at the shell (as I previously was able to), but “crontab -e” and “crontab -l” both fail with:

/var/spool/cron/crontabs/mbrubeck: Permission denied

This is on host “zatara.” The crontab for this account doesn’t show up in the Panel under “Goodies: Cron Jobs”, so that is no help to me.

I filed a support request - posting here in the discussion forum too in case any other users are having the same problem.


Interesting. I’m having the same issue on roseau. At least the cron job is running when it’s supposed to. Let us know what Support says.


Raise a support ticket, when deploying new servers DH tends to mount the spool for crontabs with incorrect permissions (also this happens from time to time probably an error on a script on reboot.)


This time it was the crontab binary itself that got the wrong permissions. New one on me! All fixed now.


Thanks, AndrewF!