Crontab & Permission denied

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hopefully some one can help a me, I’m pretty well a newbie, I’ve just opened an account here and am having a problem creating a cron job. Before I post a support request thought i’d run it be here first in case I’m being a bit thick :slight_smile:

I created a file cronfile.txt and FTP’d into folder

I’ve logged in on my domain via ssh :-


entered my password, all good logged in

At the command line I entered :-

crontab cronfile.txt

but I get return :-

[popcorn]$ crontab cronfile.txt
crontabs/tmp.9gvxrb: Permission denied

If I crontab -l I get :-

crontabs/myusername: Permission denied

Am I missing something obvious, I’m a complete newbie but have followed wiki and other texts I thought the above should have worked or do I need to request crontabs from dreamhost?

Many thanks in advance




thanks for the pointer. I’d tried it before, here what I tried again!

[popcorn]$ dir
Maildir logs
[popcorn]$ cd
[popcorn]$ dir
[popcorn]$ crontab cronfile.txt
crontabs/tmp.RfPPaQ: Permission denied

This is stumping me. I’ve read a few diffrent wiki pages and my account dir just dosnt add up to whats in the wiki.

Many thanks



Hi BobS

many thanks for taking the time to help, I’ve just posted a support request.