Crontab not working


I need to have a file called running in the background for may server stats page

I figured I would use crontab to keep it running every hour
My crontab file looks like this:
0 * * * * “perl hlstats/perl/”

while in the Shell when I type “perl hlstats/perl/” it works but the crontab never runs

can someone give me some tips on how to fix it?


Have you tried the crontab using the full path starting from /home/username/ and the .ph is executable.

i.e. 0 * * * * perl “/home/username/”



ok ill try it
do you think it will work if i dont have a .ph file in that directory?


No it is okay to have the .ph file where you want it.

I probably missed your ‘perl’ folder out by mistake so add that in and give the full path to the .ph file.



Ok thanks man it turns out i just needed to have perl outside of the quotes

just for reference:
do you know how to stop a service that crontab is running?


Do you mean to delete the crontab using crontab -e?
Just edit it out and save the crontab.

Or do you mean using ps aux and then using kill to kill your process?