I need a webmaster who knows how to install cronjobs on my control panel.

It’s not much effort to do it yourself. What type of cronjob?

Believe me I have tried, even with help from support I can’t get them to work.

If you can help I will be in your dedt.

Are those the links you want cron to execute? At what times? Do they work if you click on them manually? Do you mind if people come along and click on those links in between cron runs? (as in, will it mess things up if they run at other times as well?)

Thanks for your reply.

These are the cronjobs I have been using via

They work ok except when there is a failure on the setcronjob website, an internet connection problem, or users navigating the site interupt cron execution; either of which causes huge problems on my website.

I would like to have these cronjobs set up via the DH Control Panel.

Each to be executed each minute, hour, day, month.

They do not work when clicked on manually.

This is what DH support advised me to do:

You can use either the panel or the shell to
create cron jobs on your server. If you haven’t already, be sure to check
out this article, which goes over both methods and has a few tips:

Do you think you can accomplish this?

John Noone