Cronjob email encoding

Hi there.
The default encoding for cronjob emails (MAILTO for output) is ASCII, which means my UTF-8 Hebrew outputs come through as Jibbarish.
I found this thread where someone claims you can edit the crontab settings in /etc/crontab, but since I’m using shared hosting I can’t edit that file.

Is there any other way do format the MAILTO email from the cronjob to use UTF-8 instead of ASCII?

Thanks in advance!

Ah, the joys of international characters :slight_smile: I feel your pain. Unfortunately you don’t provide enough information to understand what’s happening and how to fix the issue. Did you write the script that runs in the cronjob task? Which emails exactly are prepared in Hebrew, by which application? Share exactly what you are trying to achieve, what happens and what you wish would happen. More details you share, more likely we are to understand what’s going on and provide ideas to fix it.

Since on shared hosting each user has its on crobtab file, perhaps the question to ask was
Is it possible to use variables in crontab -e?