Cron Question

Installing the WordPress Plug-In Postie. Finish up requires a crontab which I seem to have working (based on suggested crontab from the Postie ReadMe) but can someone tell me what this means:
/dev/null 2>&1
Does it have something to do with the log files?

It means you’re not watching (American) football playoffs, or are multi-processing. :wink:

/dev/null is the bitbucket where you send output you don’t want to see; probably there is a > before it. 2>&1 sends error output (2) to the same place as standard output (1).

Thanks Tor, I’ll know now how to dig a little deeper.
Turned out I spoke too soon and for some reason I couldn’t save the crontab I was writing (error message, very confusing). So I reverted to another one that used a curl command instead. It seems to be working.I’d go on but I think it might better be expressed in a more Weblog / Postie / Setup post I may make later on in case I can save total Newbs like myself some trouble.

I’m not even sure exactly what it’s doing, but as far as automating checking the pop3 account associated with the Postie (email to Wordpress blog) plug-in goes, this crontab seems to be working.

*/5 * * * * curl

If anyone who knows better sees something missing or that will get me into trouble later, please let me know.