Cron jobs


I’m trying to run 3 cron jobs. I’ve tried about everything suggested in the wiki. The closest I have gotten is a permission denied with this command:


hourlyscript is just a .txt file that does a few copies and then calls a .php script that does a few more processes.

Anyone have a command line that will work for that?



I got the cron script to run now I believe. Now I’m having a php command error.

Here’s my command: php $webdir/cronscripts/hourly.php

$webdir being the main location of the site. I guess it could be a php5 issue. I haven’t had this running since php 4 so the command could be different for the actual script call.

i believe you need to have an absolute path to the binary which can be found with the [font=Courier]which[/font] command. Make sure you can run the script (bash or php) manually before assigning it as a cronjob to make sure it runs.

Hi bob and thanks!

Here’s what I have now: usr/local/bin/php /home/directory/scripts/tournscript

No such file or directory. To be exact: sh: usr/local/bin/php: No such file or directory

Woops, I forgot the / before usr. Trying it again…[hr]
Ok, well it ran through that time. For some reason it didn’t complete the whole process even though the script appears to have ran through with no errors… Had it emailed to me.