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Hey, Okay well I’ve had previous experience with cron jobs before. I need the advanced mode so I can input the cron, since I don’t know how to do it via the basic menu, so please could somebody tell me how to access the advanced menu.

I need to input a cron that looks like this:

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  1. Login to Web Panel
  2. Click on “Goodies” -> “Cron Jobs”
  3. Click on “Add New Cron Job”
  4. Make the selected user is correct
  5. Type in a title if you want
  6. Type in your e-mail address if you want
  7. Type in cd /home/user; /usr/bin/curl
  8. Leave the checkbox checked
  9. Select Custom
  10. Select Every 10 minutes
  11. Leave everything else set to Every Hour/Day/Month/Week Day
  12. Click on “Add”

There are no “Basic” and “Advanced” menus. DreamHost provides a fancy web page interface or you login to shell and use crontab. You can learn about using crontab on the Wiki.

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I ended up trying this out. In Step 7, including the word ‘curl’ just before the URL causes an error to be sent back with the emailed output “…could not resolve host ‘curl’…”. Removing it resolved the error for me.

For anyone having trouble with cronjobs, see this thread also – while you still have some hair left. :wink:


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