Cron jobs

Hello. Can someone help me out with this cron job? Basically, i want “” to be backed up every day at 3AM. I want 3 copies to be kept before overwriting of the oldest copy begins on the fourth day. I know where to do this in the DH panel. I just dont know how to structure the actual command itself. Thanks.

DreamHost does create backups of all your files in the hidden “.snaphot” directory. There are 2 hourly snapshots, 2 daily snapshots and 2 weekly snapshots. Possibly these backups would be sufficient? Details at:

Did not even know they did that. Thanks! However, for future, i would still like to know what the appropriate command looks like.

I think Scott provided a reply recently on how to go about backing up a file/folder/domain on a rotating basis. You could try doing a Search and make sure to set the date thingamajig to 6 months rather than the default setting.

Failing that, I’m sure he’ll be in today to set you straight.

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That doesn’t sound familiar, but a shell script would be something like:

cd ~ # go to home directory
/bin/mv -f backup1.tar backup2.tar #rename old backup to oldest backup
/bin/mv -f backup0.tar backup1.tar #rename new backup to old backup
/bin/tar -cf backup0.tar #create new backup of folder

The cronjob would be:
0 3 * * * ~/ #runs rotate script at 0 minutes after 3am every day, every month, every day of week

Personally, I rsync my entire directory from home periodically with the following script:
/usr/bin/ssh ‘/usr/bin/mysqldump --all-databases -uUSER1 -pPASS1 > db1.sql’ # first database
/usr/bin/ssh ‘/usr/bin/mysqldump --all-databases -uUSER2 -pPASS2 > db2.sql’ # second database
rsync -avze ssh --delete ‘’ ‘/home/me/backups/mydomain’ # create a local mirror of my home directory w/databases
/usr/bin/ssh /bin/rm *.sql # delete database backup dump files on server