Cron Jobs without ssh access


Can i create cron jobs for any user in my account without give them ssh access?


Creating New Cron Job:
(shell users only!)


I mean, i want to create a cron job with user that have ssh access for other user who don’t have ssh access in their domain or subdomain. Is there any way to do that?


I’m at a loss to think of how to do this. The only thing I can think of is to create a user with shell access but just not give the real person the password. This would, of course, mean that they wouldn’t really have any other kind of access like ftp access either.

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You should be able to have your own user account have the actual cron job and let it access the files for the other user. All users from the same account have at least basic access to the files of other users.

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But since the cron job runs as the cron user wouldn’t any files it creates be created and owned by the cron user?

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Yes, files created by that script would be owned by the user who ran the cron job - but by the same means that the cron user can access the files to begin with, the ‘other’ user should be able to access the new files.

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I do this action:
I gave ssh access to a user and remove the ssh access after cron job has been created with that user account.

I found that the cron job disapear after the ssh access remove from that user but the cron jobs doesn’t delete from system. I concluded it when i give back the ssh access to that user, the cron job suddenly appear again.

Is it indicate that a cron job has been created still running even the ssh access from that user has been remove?


A cron job should still run even if the user does not have SSH access as long as the user was not actually removed. If the only problem is that the files are created with the wrong owner, would CHOWN solve it?

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Sorry i don’t catch it clearly.
If I removed ssh access from a user, his cron job will be running with the same user who was removed or with other user?


If the cron job still running in condition that the ssh access of the user who own it has been removed, which user will run it?


I suspect that just as you can authenticate and log in via ssh when shell access is disabled, the actual user is preserved. I think it another question of whether the cron job would actually run. It could just hang or error out because the system wouldn’t be able to create a shell process for the user.

In other words, I suspect that someone would need to do additional testing before I’d trust that this method would work.

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