Cron jobs running several times


Hi. I’m not too familiar with cron jobs, so I’m doing some tests to try to learn the way they work and I’ve found a problem.

I use this crontab file:

9,12,37 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/user/

If I’m not wrong, that is supposed to run on minutes 9, 12 and 37 every hour… it does run fine and I get emails letting me know the cron job was succesful, however some times the job runs twice instead of just once (I get two emails at the same time letting me know so).

Am I doing anything wrong?

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It looks like every thing is correct to me. You’re right it should be running on those min. every hour.

I’d contact support and have them see if it’s an issue with cron running twice, or the E-mail system copying it out for some reason.

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