Cron Job?

What tab do I go to, to set a cron job??

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unfortunatly, there isn’t a tab in the panel to set up a cron job. You’ll have to use shell access. Check out the Wiki Article on Cron for more help. Also there’s an article on SSH if you need help getting things set up for shell access.


Hope you don’t mind that I’m piggybacking on another post.

I’m trying to set up a cronjob and I’m getting an error message. I’m somewhat familiar with cron, so I’m not sure what’s causing it - it appears to be a permissions problem.

[broadway]$ crontab cronfile crontabs/tmp.kFkKEh: Permission denied [broadway]$ crontab -e no crontab for bunz - using an empty one /tmp/crontab.4WvYBP: Permission denied Creation of temporary crontab file failed - abortingSo I’m not real sure what the problem is…this is kind of vague.

Yep, it’s definitely an access problem. I’d say submit a trouble ticket for it… you’re either out of luck because cron on that server is restricted and you don’t meet the restriction, or they stuck you in cron.deny which means you’re still outa luck.