Cron Job - wget or curl


i have to call a url… let’s say

few months ago i had this cron setup as following:

And was running smoothly. Suddenly has stop working so i’ve tried:

[code]curl --silent --compressed


wget -qO /dev/null “”[/code]

But everything returns me errors… can anyone help me? I’ve already readed the DH wiki but with no luck

Thank you in advance!


you need a dash after the O in wget. Right now you’re dumping it to null.

this is what i use to update a GeoIp database

wget --progress=dot:mega --waitretry=300 $DB_location 2>&1


this is my cron job:

SCRIPT_location="" wget --progress=dot:mega --waitretry=300 $SCRIPT_location 2>&1

And i’m getting this error:

I just need to run this page once a day nothing more (no need to see the output via email)


what exactly are you trying to do? is your own domain? if so, then you should be calling it at /home/USERNAME/path/to/cron.php


If the OP is trying to add his cron via the panel he needs something like :

/usr/local/php5/bin/php /home/USER/EXAMPLE.COM/cron.php

replace all caps with your info…


yeah, i guess i should have made it clear that the snippet i posted was part of a larger bash script. i thought the main problem was how to set up wget, but looks like setting cron itself might be more at the heart of the problem.