Cron job to automatically update website..?

Hey there- I’ve never touched cron jobs before, but I was curious if it was the proper tool to use in order to ‘modify’ every page of my website once a day, giving the appearence that the website is updated more often than it is? Open to any suggestions/advice.

Cron jobs is used for scheduled script use. It sounds like you could use cron jobs for your task but proceed with the following: If your script hogs resources and runs often, then DreamHost may stop it from running. So bascially, don’t have a huge script running hourly.

You might look at putting in some sort of a basic calendar script. Instead of just displaying the current date, preface it with the text “Lsat updated on:”.

Though you might do better to actually update your site on a regular basis instead of lying to your visitors. If you actually have regular visitors they may quickly become aware that you’re not doing what you say.

–Matttail - personal website

Thanks for advice… I’m not trying to lie to my visitors… its the web searching robots that I would like to give false impressions to. It’s not a blog site, otherwise there would be the new content/calender to take care of that.

Thanks, I’ll be careful. It would be activated on a daily basis at the MOST, so I doubt that it would cause any sort of system overload just modifying html files…