Cron job times in the web panel


Hello, I have a query about the times that are at the bottom of the cron tab.

I want to run a PHP script at 7am server time (midnight my time) so I entered this code:

0 7 * * * wget

But down the bottom of the panel there are other times in a drop down menu. If I set it to run daily, it says it’ll run daily at midnight. Will that over-ride the 7am in my script? What should I have those minutes/hours etc set to?

Thanks for any help.


You would enter the command in the ‘command to run’ box

wget and not

0 7 * * * wget Then select from the drop down next to ‘hours’ the option ‘selected hours’.

Then in the next dropdown that appears you would select the hour required e.g. ‘07’

The other options will show every day, every month, every day of the week unless you wish to change them.

When you select ‘ADD’ it will create the crontab line you want.


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Thanks so much! :slight_smile: