Cron Job Problem

Hi, I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with a cron job. Here’s the context:

  1. It’s a wordpress plugin that needs the job (BuddyStream)

  2. All it does is poll Facebook every five minutes to pull in updates

  3. The plugin gave me the cron command which was:
    wget >/dev/null 2>&1

  4. I used the control panel cron job wizard to set up the job. No problems.

  5. The job is running. The plug-in is recognizing that the job is running, and reporting when it ran, but nothing is returned.

  6. The developer only provides this support info for jobs that aren’t pulling in the data:

“If you have a private site, you will have to find a way through your redirect “firewall” to allow the CRON JOB to be triggered. Make sure the path to the “?buddystreamcron=run” is an exception in your URL allowed list somewhere. (Please note you may have to modify the CRON text to work with your CRON application)”

I’m somewhat techy, but I know zero about cron jobs so if anyone has some info that may help me, if you can dummy down the info that’d be great.