CRON Job on Server Reboot Not Working (Ruby on Rails)

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Hey all,

Followed instructions here (bottom of the page) to get a Ruby 1.9.3-p194 and Rails 3.2.3 app running on my Dreamhost dedicated server using Passenger.

The CRON job I set up to run on server reboot does not appear to be working:

. /etc/profile && . /home/boombotix/.bashrc && cd /home/boombotix/swagonomics && RAILS_ENV=production passenger start -p 8000 > /home/boombotix/swagonomics/log/cron.log & disown

The super weird thing is I can run this ^ command in SSH and the Passenger server starts fine!

I get no output in my cron.log file…any ideas? Dreamhost support refuses to help me.


Dreamhost fail. Im also having Cron issues… maybe not like yours but Cron dont work no more.


Hi there!

As a cron job, the RVM source must be defined. Please see this example:

source /home/boombotix/.rvm/environments/ruby-1.9.3-p194 && . /home/boombotix/.bashrc && cd /home/boombotix/swagonomics && RAILS_ENV=production passenger start -p 8000 > /home/boombotix/swagonomics/log/cron.log & disown

Without that top line the cron is unable to read the RVM gemset, and will instead say Passenger is not installed.

Please give that a try and let us know how it goes!

Hope this helps,

Elle S


Same here… the cron jobs doesn’t work (on the new northumberland-server)…