Cron Job OK in DH Web Panel but not running



I’ve added a cron job using DreamHost Web Panel but it seems the script is not being launched. Despite everything is ok according to DH Web Panel, script is not running, crontab seems not updated, i neither find crond daemon running…

The script is in perl. I’m using the full path (it’s in my home folder), call to perl is ok too… Calling it from shell is working great, so I’m lost!

Besides no email report seems to be sent.

Some help?

Thanks a lot!


Try deleting and re-adding the job.



re-adding didn’t work.
I edited crontab directly in the shell and it did work. Nevertheless after that, maybe on change of day, crontab was edited by Dreamhost and the DH Panel added one started running also.

Now I have both scripts running periodically so I’ll delete one of them.