Cron job not working 2


Hello guys,

I had a couple of schedules running for a while. I’ve temporarily disabled it. When I reactivated, they didn’t work.
I created a new schedule called “mail.php” in case the problem could be from the files. But that doesn’t work either. It works fine when I manually trigger the file.

What do you think is wrong?


Are these shell cron jobs (set via the Panel or directly via cron)? Or WordPress cron jobs?

If they are shell cron jobs, you’ll usually get an email if the script has any output (error messages, etc)…


it simply needs to send mail with php code. It works fine when I trigger the page manually (not a problem with sending mail because it worked fine beforehand.)
I can’t see the error code, how can I see it? Do you have an idea?


There’s no entry for this in your server error.log?


Since the Bionic upgrade, PHP errors haven’t been sent to Apache’s error.log, so the PHP may be failing silently.

@orkmez, how are you scheduling mail.php? Is it a Cron job, or something else? If we knew how you are scheduling jobs, we could make some debugging suggestions.


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