Cron job limits

I’m currently with Hostgator shared hosting and considering switching to Dreamhost shared hosting, mainly for the Let’s Encrypt integration.
Another annoyance I have with Hostgator, cronjobs have a limit of every 15 minutes. I have a cron job that runs a very lightweight command that I need to run every 5 minutes.
Would this be an issue with Dreamhost shared hosting. I couldn’t really find much by searching Google or these forums regarding cron job frequency limitations for shared accounts.

Hi raneman,

I just double-checked on my control panel and I am quite sure you can run a cronjob every minute if you need to. The shortest interval is 10 minutes, but there is an option to specify shorter times.

This is what the cron jobs setup looks like on DreamHost control panel:

Okay, great. The crazy thing is, I can set shorter interval times using the cpanel controls on hostgator, but after a few minutes, they reset it back to 15 minutes. I read about others getting their accounts suspended for continually abusing it. I kept setting mine back to 5 minutes before I did some searching and found out about their limits, glad they didn’t suspend my account.

Is it pretty easy to move sites over from hostgator to dreamhost. I’ve only transferred hosting packages between sites that had cpanel on both.

I can confirm you can run a cron on one minute interval at dreamhost. I have one.

99.99% of the time mine exits after just comparing 2 single values, cron jobs are subject to the same resource limits as your account. A few years ago someone had a one minute interval and argued it shouldn’t be getting killed by procwatch because it was a cron job. No such exemption exists however.