Cron Job issues

I’m currently having an issue with trying to implement a cronjob that executes a single php file.

When i put the following information in the cronjob maker (the web based one) and wait for it to run, i get an error

/usr/local/php5/bin/php /home/procyonserver/

-Error output via mail:
sh: /home/procyonserver/ Permission denied

When i run the command above in a shell i have no such issue, the script is executed without any issues.

Something similar happens when i make the php command part of an .sh script. We use this script to fetch a file via FTP once a month and then run the parsing php script. When the sh is started via SSH it gives the error:

Could not open input file /home/procyonserver/

Does anyone have an idea? This ran fine on our previous host =\

I’m pretty sure we only have one user. Although i do use an email address to log into the panel and the account ‘procyonserver’ to log into the FTP/SSH.

Are you sure you’re creating the cron job under the right user? The errors you’re describing are exactly what I’d expect to see if you created the cron jobs under a different user from the one who owns the files (procyonserver).