Cron job every 15 minutes

Hi everyone.

This is something I have been trying to get too work for over a year now and it just will not work.

What I am trying to do is simply have cron run a job every 15 minutes. Nothing fancy simply a php file with database updates/inserts.

Here is my current cron setup:
user: user that has access to the directory/files
Title shipwars
email output: empty
status: Enabled
Command: php ./GAMEPONG.WS/public_html/scheduler.php
use locking: checked
When to run: custom
minutes: 15
hours: every hour
day of month: Every day
month: Every month
day of week: every day of week

I have tried running the command from the command line and it worked just fine.

I have also tried the following command that worked as well:
/usr/bin/lynx --dump

So far I can’t get either of these commands to run at all, while running the file from the browser works fine, as well as running them from the command line.

Thanks for your help!


I don’t use cron in Panel, but make sure your path is precise in the Command line.

I think you can use ~/ to begin the path from user’s $HOME with Panel crontabs.

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If you set an email output address, what error messages do you get? This might help debug the problem.

Give this a try Replace “yourusername” with your real user name: