Cron help

Hello all,
I’m having difficulty figuring out a script that I need to call via cron. I’ve never done this before, so please bare with me.

I have a script that I need to execute once a day at around midnight. The instructions say to do this:

lynx --dump --auth=user:pass >/dev/null

I connected to my domain via SSH and entered the above script. Nothing seemed to happen in my terminal…no confirmation, nothing…Is this normal? Another thing is that I don’t have a directory named /cgi-system in my domain folder, nor a php.cgi file anywhere in site. Sorry…very new to cron, but any help would be great

you may want to refer to wiki on how to use crontab

To see whether you have installed a crontab script, you can type command “crontab -l”

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that’s what i would expect, given that the >/dev/null part of the command means to redirect the output that would normally show on the screen to nowhere.

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