CRON Files Outside Web Root Allowed?

Hi, I’m renting a DreamHost VPS and treating it as a VPS.

In my /home folder I have a special folder with a job which runs as a CRON task periodically. The work it does requires only about 50 MB right now but over time it could grow to 1 gigabyte (maybe +500 mb of storage growth per year).

These files are not served to the web and are not for public use. They’re for my own maintenance cron-task which I need to run on a server (which is why I rented as VPS so that my own home PC doesn’t have to run 24/7 to do the job).

[B]My VPS has the Unlimited Disk plan, since I signed up for it before 2014.[/B] I’ve read the unlimited disk space policy at but don’t know if my CRON usage needs are prohibited.

Three questions:

  1. Is this allowed? I believe I’ve read somewhere that we aren’t allowed to store any files that aren’t publicly accessible from the web.

  2. The “unlimited policy” I read above says that DreamHost may delete files. So I sleep restlessly, worried that some automatic DreamHost script will scan and find my folder after some months of growth and and delete months of my irreplaceable cron-job work just because it was outside the web folder. Is that going to happen?

  3. Is there any privacy protection that prevents DreamHost employees from spying on that folder and its contents if they find this “1 gb folder outside the web root”?

I basically rent the VPS for the email hosting and the ability to run cron jobs and I pay my bills and don’t use much disk space or bandwidth. So please DreamHost don’t hurt me. :slight_smile:


We suggest that you submit a ticket with this exact information so that one of our Admin can review your needs with you. Or if you like we can submit one for you if you can provide us with your DreamHost account number or one of the email addresses on your VPS. You can also submit a ticket and reply back with the ticket number and we can get that over to our Admin team for you. Due to various custom configurations, usage can differ from account to account and we’d have to look specifically into such things regarding our policy, which may not apply to how every account uses the resources on the unlimited servers.

In regards to your data, we do not make it a habit of looking into the data customers store on their server. Ethically we don’t believe this is something you should have to worry about and we stand by protecting our customer’s privacy.

What my colleague said above is the best advice: if in doubt, open a ticket.

To add a bit more guidance for future readers, the first thing you should notice is whether the “Unlimited” policy applies to you. For @aitte, it does so storage use is subject to some limitations. If you have the newer VPS, storage is constrained and therefore what you use it for is usually not much of an issue.

Side note for @aitte: if you have a cron script that just needs to take a file, run some elaboration and store it, you may want to consider using DreamCompute for that. It may be cheaper, too… You could keep your data in a persistent volume in DreamCompute, boot a DreamCompute tiny machine from remote with a script running on your current VPS, mount the volume, run the elaboration, unmount and shut down the machine. Depending how how often you run the machine and how long it takes for the elaboration, you may have this for pennies/month :slight_smile:

If you’re curious, we can chat more: open another thread describing your cron script and data and I’ll give you more directions.

DreamCompute is exactly what I needed. Thanks! :slight_smile: