Cron E-mail notifications



I am setting up a cron job to run and so far I am receiving errors in the e-mails. However, there are times that I do not receive any e-mails. My question is what kind of e-mails should I receive when a cron job executes properly (success, errors, or all)?

I am new to the linux environment. I have followed several recommendations throughout the cron threads. My problem is that I have no way of knowing when a cron job is executed. I can’t seem to find any logs that detail a start of a job and any results (albeit errors or successful runs).


Cronjobs only send emails when the job generates output. If the command in your cronjob finishes silently, no email is sent. (There is also no email sent when the job starts, as there’s nothing useful to report at that point.)

If you need more detailed reporting on the status of your jobs, set the job up to send email itself, rather than relying on the emails which cron sends.