Cron cpanel ->redmine rake


Please help me with syntax or path. The following runs from a shell:
cd /home/myusername/ && rake redmine:send_reminders days=1 RAILS_ENV=“production”

The above generates the correct emails. I have the CRON set for a daily reminder,but it never runs. A crontab -e shows:

###— Changes made to this part of the file WILL be destroyed!

Task Past Due

@daily /usr/local/bin/setlock -n /tmp/cronlock.3783579724.135652 sh -c $’ /home/myusername/
###— You can make changes below the next line and they will be preserved!

Any ideas why the crontab edit is cutoff at redmine-2. …

Any suggestions?


I took a quick look into your account, and the cron appears to be running correctly. Also, crontab -l did show the full line, including all the pieces after redmine-2. Is it possible the rest is continuing off the side of your window? Try enabling email output for it from the web panel, and see how it looks. If it’s not running or sending the output, please contact support directly ( ) and we’ll investigate further!