Critical server is down and no response from tech support


One of our DreamCompute servers suddenly lost network connectivity. During reboot, it tries to bring up ens3, and we get:

Failed to start Raise network interfaces.
See 'systemctl status networking.service' for details.
Starting Initial cloud-init job (metadata service crawler)...

It appears to be rebooting every 4 hours to try to recover, but … it does not recover.

Of course, this leaves no way to connect to the server via SSH, etc. This is an important server for us, and I think that only Dreamhost can correct this.

I filed a ticket (8731118) at 7am NY this morning. The ticket has not been acknowledged. I have just now paid for a phone call, but no call yet. It seems strange that there’s no better way to escalate. I create this ticket in case anyone else has a suggestion of how to proceed.


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