Credit Cards

I’m new at this and have never been hosted by a company before, and I would like to get the opinion of other dream host users, is it safe to pay with my credit card and are they reliable and have good contact with customers…?

My experience has been good and I’ve never read anything on these boards to suggest that their credit card was cracked via Dreamhost.

Here is a recent blog entry about Dreamhost’s history of accepting credit cards.

I think they’re reliable and have experience only professional customer service. If you read through postings on this board, you will find a few who disagree.

Dreamhost offers you a 97 day money back guarantee, so you have more than 3 months to decide for yourself.

Good luck!

Yeah no worries. Besides … credit card worries about buying things on the net are overblown. What about the receipts you leave in the garbage?

It’s the issuers that end up paying anyway, not you.

Go for it.


Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.

No problems paying with cc here. Someone (completely non-related to DreamHost or anything online) actually did try to “write” a fraudulent e-check out of my account a few months ago, and they’d stolen the info from a paper check that was written locally, not from online cc purchase. Seems safer to pay with cc.