Credit card

my question is if i use a credit card can y chance to pay with a paypal

I have no ideas how to answer this question, as I don’t understand it. Could you please try to re-state this?


ok! thanks from the atention.

the question is if i use my credit card to pay 1 year in dreamhost and the next year i dont want to use the same credit card, and i want to use another o a paypal what i need to do?

No problem…you can do that buy changing your payment information in the Control Panel during your first year. :slight_smile:


On the panel, you can top-up your account with CC one-time payment,
CC auto-pay,
check or money order.

Or even gift certificate if someone else buy it for you :wink:

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FYI, you can remove credit card info in your accout via DH panel --> Billing --> Make Payments

When it is time to renew your hosting plans, you can pay via DH panel --> Billing --> Make Payments. You should see some options like credit card, google checkout, paypal, and money order, etc.

If you want to change your payment option, I’ll suggest you disable “auto rebill into this credit card” first.

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