Credit Card question

Do payments through credit card still require faxing even if the registration name and the name on the credit card are the same?

And no PayPal. My country isn’t part of the PayPal Network. PayPal is available in Wallis and Futuna Islands, but not here. Says something, doesn’t it? No, I don’t know where the heck “Wallis and Futuna Islands” are either.

I believe DreamHost has pretty much phased out the credit-card fax requirement. These days if there is something about your application that triggers the automatic fraud detection/prevention system, you will be directed to pay via Google Checkout. Is your country represented in Google Checkout?

Note: The fax option is apparently still available for those that wish to pay directly using credit-card and need to prove they have physical access to the card, but the fax should only be sent when requested by DreamHost.


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Not all CC require name for an debit.

On many country outside US, the merchant can’t check for the name on a card, and you just have to enter the card number when you pay online (and expiry with ccv2)

With such cards, you can say any name on US merchants, it works.

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DH prefers Google Checkout payment no matter the fraud is triggerred in your region.

However, if Google Checkout is not available in your region, you may need to read more on how to make payment.

As stated clearly in the payment page, you can pay using money order. But I think it is not refundable.

The other way is to pay using credit card. Whether you need to fax depends on DH. If they feel it is necessary, they will ask you to fax. I’ll suggest you NOT to fax UNLESS DH askes you to do so. You may want to refer to this post on how to pay using credit card.

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When in doubt, contact DH. We’re just customers like you, but we do get to hear of the problems others have.

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