Credit card processing

I am about to publish my first book, and I need to be able to receive credit card orders at my web site.

I’m an e-commerce beginnger, and I’d welcome suggestions. I’ve browsed a number of help files, including those at Dreamhost, but they made absolutely no sense to me.

Pay-Pal is NOT my first choice and I’m looking for alternatives. Many of the easy-to-use services I found online were exceedingly expensive… their transaction fees were so high that I’d lose an enormous chunk of my profits.

Any information would be appreciated. I need to find a reliable service that’s affordable and easy to use, and it’s proving to be a tall order.

I can’t vouch for their service, but you might look into They will print your book for you (including paperback book binding) and handle the credit card payements. They change a base fee for the book, and then you can set the price above that you want to change - everything above the base price is given to you.

This may not be the kind of thing you’re thinking about, but I figured I’d put it out there.


I use the cafepress service mattail’s referring to.

It’s color on front and back cover only and the interior black and white pages are of xerox copy quality.

I use it for producing manuals and they’re perfect for that with a spiral wound binding, but if you’ve written the great American Novel it’s probably not what you’re after.

matttail: their service is excellent, quick and painless to print and ship on demand, quantities down to 1


You should go and look through all the back posts in the E-Commerce forum here.

You’re absolutely right that accepting credit cards online can be an expensive proposition, which is why all they turnkey sites charge high transaction fees.

If you’re only selling one product, it’s going to be hard to justify the costs associated with setting up a merchant account and handling secure transactions.

You may want to check out GoDaddy , if you haven’t already done so.

You may also want to check out It looks like they have a way you can sign up as a seller. I have never used it and it looks expensive, but you might weigh that against the cache of being able to tell your customers that your book is available at Amazon.

Thanks for responding. I do appreciate it.

I was already ripped off by – which is one of he reasons I’m still a Dreamhost customer.

The program at is very costly, according to a number of authors I corresponded with. I’d most likely lose my shirt.

If anyone has additional ideas, I’d appreciate them.

I cannot vouch for the service. Can’t remember where I heard of this.

take a look at this website :

there’re some articles there about self book publishing.