Credit card processing for ruby on rails?

Does anyone know what credit card processing software is good to use on Dreamhost for ruby on rails? All I can find is ELC’s credit card processor, but it’s using libraries that are not installed by dreamhost.

Just want to know what everyone else uses out there for ruby on rails credit card processing.

  • Steve

PS I am sorry for the apparent cross-posting, but I put a message on the e-commerce site two days ago, and no one there answered.

There is nothing “apparent” about your obvious cross-posting - OF the 5 total post you have made to these forums, 4 of them, in three days, on four different forums, are asking the same question.

I’m sorry that no one has answered you.

You might consider that know one here knows the answer to your question; if that is the case, repetitive cross-posting will not help you get an answer. You might also consider that, if you continue to cross-post, someone who does know the answer is likely to ignore you - after all, which of your posts should they answer?