Credit Card not accepted?

Hi All,

For some reason an error is appearing when i try to submit payment using my credit card during the sign-up process. There is money on the card and I’ve used it for years and never had a single issue. I’m not sure of what is going on. I verified my card is ok and active and everything is fine on that end. Has anyone experienced this problem or is there a reason for this? Please help!


That sounds more like a pre-paid “debit card” than a “credit card”. Depending on the source processing for those can be vastly different, and in some cases they may not even be accepted at all due to the high volume of fraud from “over the counter” type pre-paid debit cards. The key difference being a card that doesn’t have a physical address connected with it. On the hard hand, a bank issued debit card with an address attached to it should work.

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