Credit Card Issue


I’m really interested on this host. I want to buy the smallest hosting. The thing is, I have a gift card that is MasterCard that has 100 US dollars. And the hosting costs I think about 120 US dollars… Can I pay $100 and then right after pay the rest of the money with another credit card?


Why not sign up with a promo code? Then you’ll have money left over. You can easly find promo codes in the forum for the full $97 discount.

edit: You of course could use my promo code - MATTTAIL, that will give you a $30 discount off of hosting, making it only 89.40 for a year of hosting. Like I said above though, a lot of people have full $97 dollar promo code discounts.

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Yeah, I’m actually using the promo code… lol. I just didn’t want to say it. The actual truth is that I have a gift card with $25 and the hosting costs $29. What can I do?


Go to the Search box at the top of a forum and type in 97 and then take your pick. An annual contract is just shy of $120. Subtract the $97 and you owe $23. Good luck!



I guess you don’t understand… I have a promo code that discounts 93%. The thing is, I have a gift card of only 25$ and the hosting costs 29$ with the discount. Can I pay with multiple credit cards?


I believe you’ll have to contact sales to know for sure if you can pay with two credit cards or not, I’m guess it’s not a standard part of the system.

What Sadyman is saying is also true. A one year plan costs 119.40 total. If you apply a $97 discount to that it should total 22.40. That way your $25 card covers the cost of hosting.

Hope that helps

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Ok now I have another problem… lol. I got the hosting and everything… but I sadly put the wrong domain I wanted. How do I change the domain?


I assume that you mean you used your one free registration, and miss-spelled the name? Sorry to tell you this, but you’re stuck. (there is a chance if your account hasn’t been approved yet that suport might be able to change things, but I highly doubt it.)

It’s only $10 buck to register an other domain for a year, just keep both domains and perhaps other people will miss-spell your domain in the same way. Since you can host unlimted domains with dreamhost it won’t make any differnece to your hosting. Once the year is up, you can decide if you want to keep it or not.

Welcome to Dreamhost.

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Do you mean that you spelled the name incorrectly, or perhaps you registered the domain with the wrong TLD (for example, .net instead of .com)?

If the latter, then it may pay to register both anyway and redirect them to the same web-site.

I doubt you can change it if you have already received the domain registration confirmation email. However, if you have not yet received this email, then there may be a small chance that DreamHost can change it for you. Contact them as soon as possible to find out.


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I received the e-mail already… =( … Too late.


I guess so. :frowning:

Arh well, at least the fee for registering a new domain is only $9.95/year.


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