Credit Card Authorization Fax Error

Hello guys,

I have signed up for DreamHost yesterday using credit card, but I’m asked to send a form using fax. I have completed the form - but I’m having problem sending it.

I am from Malaysia, and the number that works to reach DreamHost’s fax is +17149902600 and 0017149902600 (I used my handphone to try the numbers).

The problem I’m having now is, I’m not sure how to use the “+” symbol on the fax machine. I have also tried 0017149902600, but it is unreachable using my fax machine.

Is there any way else than fax to activate my account?



That is a question that can really only be answered by Dreamhost staff - this is a “customer to customer” forum, and none of us can give you an authoritative answer to your question.

If you have access to the Dreamhost Control panel, you should complete the form on the Support-> Contact support page and ask Dreamhost directly that way. Otherwise, the only way I know to reach them is via this general purpose contact form.