Creating symbol in url line



I’m not even sure what it’s called, but that symbol within the url (at the very left) that pops up on the left when you land on most sites nowadays - how do you get it up there? The default is just the Explorer or Navigator logo, but most sites seem to have their site-matching custom-made logo. I’m assuming there’s something you place in your source file that snaps the image up there for Explorer to read - I just don’t know how to go about it. I really need to know, since I don’t want my dreamhosted site to be behind the times.


That thing is called a “favicon”, and as good an introduction as any about it and its use can be found in the WikiPedia article on Favicon

Essentially, it is a small graphic (in a particular format) that you add to your site’s files, and/or reference in your page(s) heading section(s) - if a browser finds it then it displays it on the “address line” like you describe.

There are some tools to help you make and install them on your’ site available on the web; one I think works well and is easy to use is: