Creating subdomain that points to server at another host


I’d like to point to

I tried creating a cname DNS record fname and value of

It seems to point to that server, but is not handled on the other end.

I have everything setup so that shows what I want, but shows that the hosting company for can’t process the request. Is there a DNS record that needs to be created on to handle this properly?


Don’t know, you would have to check with the other host…

At Dreamhost you would need a dedicated IP to be able to point that way from the outside to dreamhost, perhaps that’s the case there as well.


Is the domain on the external server the same as the primary domain here? ->

…or are you just redirecting? ->


It is a different domain and I was hoping for something other than redirecting or cloaking. I suppose the only way to make an alias subdomain for the other domain at another host would be if I had a dedicated IP at the other server?



Could you get away with iframing it?


You would have to find out from that other host, it might be possible to set it up there without the dedicated IP. Read this wiki article: it’s about doing it in the other direction, but the explanation should help you understand what’s needed on the other side.