Creating print-friendly pages

Hi. I am a newcomer. My query is web design related; however do let me know if I should really be posting in the Beginners’ Forum instead.

I am trying to develop a site that needs to display friendly and print friendly. Can anyone offer any tips?
According to the guides I have read so far, one can use either a stylesheet or a script to generate printer-friendly pages. Has anyone tried either methods? And if one method is better than the other, please offer a bit of explanation–just for my benefit. :slight_smile:

Many thanks in anticipation,

CSS display:none is great for hiding divs via a print-specific stylesheet. Get rid of navigation, headers, footers and the like on your printed sheets, just the content (and some kinda ad if you wanna throw that in ;)):


Great suggestion. I’ll go and try it. Thanks, Jason.

with CSS you can have a style sheet specifically for a print preveiew/print.

Look here:

It’s useing the div hidden thing mentioned ain another post would be good. :slight_smile: