Creating new user/uploader help

Maybe this is covered in one of the FAQs, but my knowledge base when it comes to website management stuff is limited.

Basically, I’ve got a site, let’s call it

I’ve created a new user named “Bob” to upload using my dreamhost account, so there is my “admin” account and “Bob” account.

How do I configure it so “Bob” uploads so that when I login to my account, I can see what “Bob” uploaded? I just want “bob” to be able to upload to something like, It doesn’t even need to be www accessible to others, I just don’t want him to upload a file to me, me have to then download it, then upload it just to get it so the public can download it at

Any ideas? Is this even possible?



So you can see what Bob uploaded? Easy. Use SFTP protocol and your FTP client should be able to access /home/.glob/Bob and as log as Bob has granted the appropiate permissions, you can see what he uploaded.

You can’t do that using FTP if the document root for is in your home directory. You can in the shell, using the command to copy a file to another directory:

cp /home/Bob/file /home/greppson/mywebsite.netOr through a CGI script or program that either copies files or recieves files uploaded through HTTP instead of FTP.

If you want files Bob uploads to remain in a directory of his own, but instantly be available through HTTP of a subdirectory (like ) then you can use the Web Panel to “Remap Sub-Dir”

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