Creating new pages in Wordpress with no buttons

I created a new page via Pages > Add New, though I do not want a button to appear in my main menu. How do I remove the button from my main menu after making a new page?


That’s often handled by the template. Some templates have some control over this, but standard WordPress lists them all. If your template doesn’t have settings for this, then you’ll have to create your own main menu and manually enter the pages you want to show.


Theres an easy way and a hard way.

Edit the template to remove the part that shows the links, you would probably be looking for the template tag wp_list_pages which would probably be towards the bottom of header.php or at the top of index.php. If its the index.php it would probably also be in other files like page.php etc.

If its a theme you downloaded I’d maybe suggest posting the name/download link for it, maybe someone would be familiar with the theme or be able to download it to take a look and give a more definite answer.

Alternatively install

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This plugin solved the problem and seems way easy compared to the other options. Is there any drawbacks to doing it this way?

None that I can think of in the short term. There’s always the off chance in the distant future that a WordPress upgrade might kill the plugin due to an incompatibility.