Creating MySQL Databases

What is the process for creating a MySQL database?

The support wiki has everything starting from the Dreamhost panel, however no changes I’ve made from there have been visible through the phpadmin or mysql login via command line.

I have one database that was successfully created via a 1-click install which I’ve since removed. I’m resurrecting that to do a test drupal installation, hopefully that will work. Regardless, changes on the functional end (myphp, mysql command line login) don’t seem to be reflected in the dreamhost panel.

What’s the normal process to create databases, timeline, and is this disconnect between tools normal?


It can take around 15 minutes to make the database, and since it’s on a subdomain, that can take time to propagate through the DNS system. I’ve had to wait overnight sometimes to be able to access new subdomains and such. That being said, if you already have ONE, you cane use the login and pass from your new one when you log into your existing database and it should go to your new one. all the database urls are interchangeable.