Creating mysql databases


I just added one like 2-3 hours ago and it still hasn’t been created…This is getting frustrating.


I found that generaly they are created fast, but the domain name are this days really slow to propagate, so you can’t access by the web… but found that you can try:

While the DNS… propagate… also from shell I generally was able to connect to my new db in short time, tried?
mysql -u youruser -h -p



The link you gave works but the problem is I can’t connect to the database when I insert the username and password for it. I guess I’ll have to wait until the db hostname works.


i’ve got the same problem


ditto…I created mine last night and still can’t work with it…tempted to use the IP that is listed in my DNS tables and update it after the fact…


I just wanna add that I have added 2 today and I can not access them via: but the below posters method of:

worked for me, also the database works as intended regarding connecting and all I have set up 2 today and it will connect and get the data so there seems to be a problem with the DNS servers and http requests to the database pages.

thats all I can guess for now.



I’m trying the mysql shell access, as you suggest:
mysql -u harrywood -h harrywooddb -p

…but I’m getting:
“ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host ‘’ (1)”

The database was created yesterday so a DNS change could still be propagating, but isn’t this a subdomain anyway? i.e. no actual DNS change to wait for. ( domain was successfully pointed at dreamhost over a week ago)

I definitely entered ‘db’ when I was creating the MySQL database (‘DB Hostname’ box in the form)
Any other possible causes of the unknown server host message?


still no luck. So as I thought, it’s nothing to do with DNS


You’re right, you shouldn’t be waitng on a DNS proigation at this point. Sometimes the script that’s setting up a database will get interputed for whatever reason and not create it properly. If it’s still not working you options are to either contact support and ask them to put it through on your behalf. Or, create a new database ( you can delete the non-working on but you may have to wait a few hours before you can re-use the hostname and such for the new database)