Creating MySQL database

When I try to create a database, the interface asks me for hostname: why is that? Does that mean that if I point my browser to it will take me to phpmyadmin etc ? I have used Cpanel before and I did not have to enter a subdomain to create a database so I am confused.

Thanks a ton.

It asks that so that the Dreamhost system can build a subdomain for referencing the phpMyAdmin interface and for use in other places (such as in scripts) where a hostname is required.

Yep. You can name it “anythingyouwant.yourdomain.tld”, the “mysql.yourdomain.tld” is just a suggestion. :wink:

The Dreamhost Control panel works differently than cPanel; once you get used to how much more powerful and flexible it is, you will never be satisfied with cPanel again!



The trick here is to realize that you’re not just creating a “database” but you are actually defining an entire server. Just recently they managed to get one-click installs to share a db server. (I know this because I have four apps and four different physical DB servers. I really should see about merging them)


ok got it! Does that mean when I install gallery2.0 or webcalender etc I could use, ie the same “mysql subdomain server” name for any databases I create ?

Yep, Just check that the app uses a “prefix” to ensure you have no table name crashes.

There are also times where separating the data would be a good thing (unrelated sites or so on). Keep that in mind!


Yes. Since DreamHost does not run their MySQL servers and Apache servers on the same machines, you can’t use only localhost as hostname.

I’ve restored my mysql file from my old host and imported them through phpmyadmin. I’ve copied my gallery’s files in my folder, however I know I’m missing a step before the gallery and database click together. What do I do to get my gallery functioning at this point?