Creating mysql database using dreamhost panel

Hello All,

I use more than 1 mysql server every of them with a different domain name.
In the MySQL Databases page of the dreamhost panel, I see

name1 mysql server

name2 mysql server

I would like to create a new mysql database on the second server, however in the “Use Hostname:” list control of the create a new database section, I can only select : or create a new hostname now. NOT !!!

Anyone knows how I could do?

It may be because domain2 is an old database from way back when they ended up on different servers, and anything new you create will end up on the newer server where domain1 resides.

Does it matter which machine hosts your database?

Hey sdayman,

Thanks for your answer!

It does not matter on which machine the DB will be. But it matters on which domain name they are…
So as solution I used the button ‘’
"Merge all databases and hostnames on … to … ", so that my domain name will point to the machine where I can add databases… But it requires to move all the databases currently on that domain to the new machine, which can take a while according to dreamhost… I am lucky they are not DBs of websites with thousands of visitors :-).