Creating mass e-mail list



I am trying to build a mass e-mail list. Does anyone know of how this can be done??
I have all my addreses in a word format, am I able to somehow copy and paste this??? or do I have to enter each address individually??

any help would greatly be appreciated.



Provided that your mass email list is for legitimate purposes, you can set up an announce list. I have not done this myself, so you’ll have to ask another for the specific details.

If you are going to be sending out mass emails, you must not exceed 200 emails per hour.

Simon Jessey
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it is definately legitimate. thank you for the info, I hope someone can help me go in the right direction.


if you have more than 200 people on your anounce list then what happens whe you mail them - does it do the first 200 then wait and hour and do the rest??

cheers, alan